Shipping process and requirements

  • Microchip implantation (ISO 11784 or 11785)
  • Obtaining a European pet passport
  • Rabies vaccination following microchip implantation, according the regulations of the source country, indicationg the expiry date (in Hungary: 6 months for a 3-month old puppy vaccinated for the first time. In some cases one full year, but strictly after the puppy is more than 3 months old!)
  • 1-5 days (24-300 hours, with the exact time to the minute being important) prior to entry to the UK or Ireland wormer treatment for Echinococcus with drugs approved in the EU.

Microchip implantation always has to precede the rabies vaccination! When vaccinated before implantation, the puppy has to be vaccinated again! 21 days must pass after the post-implantation rabies vaccination before shipping! More information here.

The trip

Shipping takes somewhere between 1 and 48 hours, depending on the distance. Your pet travels under full surveillance and care. They are regularly fed and given water. The cargo area is always cooled or heated to optimal temperatures. Larger dogs are also walked at carefully selected, sterile and tested stops.


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